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Breast Augmentation

by Walter
Pregnancy Affects

Many women would agree that there are a few things in life as rewarding as motherhood. These women would also agree that having children takes a major toll on your body. For this reason, there has been a major increase in the number of mothers that are seeking mommy makeovers from a trusted plastic surgeon. With the help of Plastic Surgery women are able to turn back the clock. A top to bottom makeover is common for women after childbearing is completed.

Most women struggle with the impact of pregnancy and aging on their body. With the help of a “mommy makeover” plastic surgeons are able to repair the disfiguring affects of childbearing. Pregnancy affects each woman differently. Age and genetics play an important role in how the body recovers from childbearing. Giving birth and breast feeding can have profound negative effects on women. Often times, fat will accumulate in the hips and abdomen causing them to lose their hourglass shape. A mommy makeover typically consists of a breast lift with or without breast implants, a liposuction, and a tummy tuck. The procedures are intended to tighten any lose skin, remove pregnancy fat, and reduce stretch marks.

A mommy makeover appeals to young mothers as quick fix for stubborn post pregnancy fat. Older moms see a mommy surgery as a way to slim down after pregnancy while also controlling aging itself. There are many well-known plastic surgeons in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills who offer a mommy makeover for women that want their abdomen and breasts back to the way they looked before pregnancy. When breast surgery is done, women may feel sad to see that they are left with sagging breasts with less volume. With the help of breast augmentation and a breast lift, patients are able to fully recover from breast feeding. If a mother wants to achieve a larger breast size, implants may be necessary. Saline implants are the most popular type of implant used.

Challenges of Motherhood

Once breasts are made fuller and perkier, mothers notice that their abdomen is not as flat as it used to be. The postpartum “pouch” that many women have is often a combination of excess skin, fat, and stretch marks. It may be impossible to significantly improve the abdominal area with diet and exercise. When excess skin and fat are the issue, a liposuction or tummy tuck may be the solution. A tummy tuck is often required to create a permanent solution for stubborn fat and excess skin. During this procedure, muscles are tightened and excess skin is removed to create a flat pre-pregnancy abdomen. For many women, cosmetic surgery is a well deserved reward after all of the challenges of motherhood.

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