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Prostate Cancer Survival Rate Is Unpredictable

by Walter
Prostate Cancer

Modern medical facilities has increased prostate cancer survival rate as constant research in this field has helped the medical researchers to bring forth preventive measures and cures for the disease. Moreover, prognosis after detection of the disease has increased the chances of longevity after treatment of the disease as the doctor can analyze his patient’s life span after the treatment.

The use of vaccine has proved effective in restricting the growth of tumor after treatment, which helps in prolonging the prostate cancer survival period. Moreover, vaccines help in breaking down the tumor, which eliminates the chances of further recurrence of the disease. However, the longevity of life after the disease also depends on other factors like age and family history.

Several other factors also affect the patient’s period of longevity after detection and treatment of the disease. These factors are the stage of the disease during the diagnosis, eating habits, obesity level, and ethnicity. Observation has shown that the life span of a patient whose cancerous growth has not penetrated the beyond the prostate has greater chance of survival after treatment.

Therefore, if you want to increase your life span after contacting the disease and undergoing treatment, you have to bring some changes in your lifestyle. You have to change your eating habits and impose few restrictions as advised by your doctor. Moreover, you have to maintain your regular schedule of check ups to restrict the recurrence of the disease.

However, sometimes a patient loses hope as most of his organs, situated in and around the prostate develops problems, especially the rectum area and the urinary bladder. Moreover, the sexual ability of the patient decreases as during the process of the treatment and after the treatment he develops erectile dysfunction. This prostate cancer impotence can be temporary or permanent.

However, the problem of prostate cancer impotence can be either permanent or temporary depending on the type of treatment adopted for curing the disease. Nevertheless, the sexual ability of the patient decreases during the course of treatment and can continue after the completion of the treatment.

The main factor that affects prostate cancer impotence is the type of treatment chosen for curing the disease. Observation shows that removal of the prostate glands after surgery can develop permanent problem of erectile dysfunction. However, latest method of surgery has helped in solving this problem as the doctors can remove the affected part of the glands without harming the nerves that carry blood to the penis.

Therefore, if any person is suffering from prostate cancer should not lose hope as proper treatment, change in lifestyle and implementation of restrictions will surely help you to overcome the problem. Moreover, the growth rate of this disease is very slow, which is another factor that helps in increasing prostate cancer survival rate.

It is very important to spread awareness in masses about the implications of this type of cancer. Proper care and medical attention can ameliorate the situation. Many people ask do women have a prostate, so basic knowledge of anatomy cant hurt anyone and will save us from many problems.

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