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Banning Unethical Modules

On October 20, 2012, I posted a message on Drupal.org about banning unethical modules hosted on Drupal.org. This is my concern:

There are a few modules on Drupal.org that are clearly unethical. For example, Death By Captcha.

I have several issues with Drupal.org hosting such modules:

phpBB Single Sign-On

I had written earlier about phpBB Forum Integration and the need for a complete rewrite. Feeling ambitious one weekend, I decided to take the plunge and create a replacement, phpBB Single Sign-On.

If you'd like to see new features or bug fixes made to phpBB Single Sign-On, please create an issue in the issue queue.

So far the working features include:

My Drupal Jobs

My Drupal Jobs

The easier way to find Drupal work.

I created My Drupal Jobs out of a frustration with trying to manage the whole application process from within my inbox. I reply to many job postings and I needed an easier way to know exactly where I am with each application. I also needed to be automatically notified of new job postings that match my criteria.

phpBB Forum Integration - Is A Complete Rewrite Needed?

Update: March 10, 2013

I've created a potential successor to phpBBforum, phpBB Single Sign-On.

The phpBB Forum Integration module is a Drupal module written by a clever software developer, Vadim, that integrates phpBB with Drupal.

I first got involved a few months ago when I wanted Drupal users on my site to be automatically logged into phpBB.

ImageCache - The Road Ahead

Long term plans for this module

Although Drupal 7 is picking up steam, not all existing Drupal 6 websites using ImageCache will upgrade to Drupal 7. This is why I offered to maintain ImageCache.

myTinyTodo - the best todo list module for Drupal

myTinyTodo is a simple way to manage your todo list. This module is based on myTinyTodo.net

myTinyTodo can be used by end-users or privately by the administrator.

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