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Porting ffado.org from Drupal 5 to Drupal 7


Having switched my desktop from Ubuntu to FreeBSD, I needed a way to make my EchoAudio soundcard work. While searching for drivers on the FFado website, I came across PHP error messages that looked like Drupal errors.

After talking with the very nice FFado project leader, Jonathan Woithe, I volunteered to upgrade their website from Drupal 5 to Drupal 7.

Benefits of Upgrading 

  • The new theme uses Bootstrap, and is very mobile friendly.
  • The admin theme is now based on Adminimal, which is very helpful for administators that need a wide page layout and a clean, mobile-friendly UI. It really should be the default admin theme in Drupal-core.
  • The anti-spam solution used is now the powerful Honeypot module, as the spam module was never ported to Drupal 7, although it seems not to be as effective as the previous spam module.

Lessons Learnt

  • Drush is your friend, especially `drush up`.
  • Don't make a move without backups at every stage, which should include your database and codebase.
    • If it were not for backups, I would have needed to repeat my work from Drupal 5 to Drupal 6 several times while working on porting from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7.
  • Always check the maintainance status of each contrib module for the next version of Drupal.
    • Some modules work very well for, say Drupal 6, but their Drupal 7 version is not well maintained. If this happens, look for an alternative module.

Merging changes from GitHub back into Drupal.org

I recently needed to merge the work of pjonckiere and geertvd from GitHub back into Drupal.org. Here is how I did it using Git subtree merging:

# Clone the Drupal.org repository
git clone --branch 8.x-1.x fizk@git.drupal.org:project/calendar.git
cd calendar

# Make sure to set your name and email address
git config user.name "Yonas Yanfa"
git config user.email fizk@473174.no-reply.drupal.org

# Register the GitHub remote repository
git remote add -f geertvd git@github.com:geertvd/calendar.git

# Prepare for the later step to record the result as a merge
git merge -s ours --no-commit geertvd/8.x-3.x

# Read the GitHub branch into our Drupal.org branch
git read-tree --reset -u geertvd/8.x-3.x

# Commit the merge
git commit -m 'Merge https://github.com/geertvd/calendar'

# Pull in the GitHub commits
git pull -s subtree geertvd 8.x-3.x

# Verify that everything worked
git log

# Push the changes to Drupal.org
git push

The neat thing is, if the developers that worked on GitHub use the same email address in GitHub and Drupal.org, Drupal will credit them with all the commits as if they originally made their commits in Drupal.org!

Benchmarking Drupal 8.0 RC1

Drupal 8.0 RC1 has just been released! I've been looking forward to improved performance since Wim Leers wrote about Drupal 8's new caching system six months ago.

My quick benchmark shows that Drupal 8 is 3 times slower than Drupal 7 and Drupal 6.

Banning Unethical Modules

On October 20, 2012, I posted a message on Drupal.org about banning unethical modules hosted on Drupal.org. This is my concern:

There are a few modules on Drupal.org that are clearly unethical. For example, Death By Captcha.

I have several issues with Drupal.org hosting such modules:

phpBB Single Sign-On

I had written earlier about phpBB Forum Integration and the need for a complete rewrite. Feeling ambitious one weekend, I decided to take the plunge and create a replacement, phpBB Single Sign-On.

If you'd like to see new features or bug fixes made to phpBB Single Sign-On, please create an issue in the issue queue.

So far the working features include:

My Drupal Jobs

My Drupal Jobs

The easier way to find Drupal work.

I created My Drupal Jobs out of a frustration with trying to manage the whole application process from within my inbox. I reply to many job postings and I needed an easier way to know exactly where I am with each application. I also needed to be automatically notified of new job postings that match my criteria.

phpBB Forum Integration - Is A Complete Rewrite Needed?

Update: March 10, 2013

I've created a potential successor to phpBBforum, phpBB Single Sign-On.

The phpBB Forum Integration module is a Drupal module written by a clever software developer, Vadim, that integrates phpBB with Drupal.

I first got involved a few months ago when I wanted Drupal users on my site to be automatically logged into phpBB.

ImageCache - The Road Ahead

Long term plans for this module

Although Drupal 7 is picking up steam, not all existing Drupal 6 websites using ImageCache will upgrade to Drupal 7. This is why I offered to maintain ImageCache.

myTinyTodo - the best todo list module for Drupal

myTinyTodo is a simple way to manage your todo list. This module is based on myTinyTodo.net

myTinyTodo can be used by end-users or privately by the administrator.

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