phpBB Single Sign-On

I had written earlier about phpBB Forum Integration and the need for a complete rewrite. Feeling ambitious one weekend, I decided to take the plunge and create a replacement, phpBB Single Sign-On.

If you'd like to see new features or bug fixes made to phpBB Single Sign-On, please create an issue in the issue queue.

So far the working features include:

  • Automatically log into phpBB when logging into Drupal.
  • Use phpBB credentials when logging into Drupal for the first time.


Why did you bail on phpbbforum? There is no readme.txt file so I cant guess where you are going from here?

Why did you bail on phpbbforum?

As mentioned in the blog post, you can find all the reasons explained here.

There is no readme.txt file so I cant guess where you are going from here?

The project page explains where the module is at right now, and what's coming up.

Thanks for the new module.. I was really beginning to worry about using phpBB on my Drupal site.


Hello there,

Awesome module, but I have a question: how did you get around the ip limitation? In your session script, you put the IP adress to default to But PhpBB checks the session to match the caller IP to the users IP. If you are not working locally, you create a new PhpBB session which logs you out as the IP adresses are not the same.

I modified your session script to put the real user IP in the session table, matching the PhpBB ip so this logout doesn't occur. I'll post it to the Drupal issues when I'm ready :3

Hi Tom, thanks for the heads up :) When you're ready, I'd be happy to review and commit your patch.

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